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Potassium ThioSilicate: contains active soluble silicon fortified by thio group which by dilution to Nano colloidal Sulfur known to possess anti-fungal properties.
Potassium ThioSilicate has been proved effective against: wheat Rust Disease, Rice Blast Disease, powdery mildew, grey leaf spot on leaves and brown spot on grass and also resistance to many pests was showed on different plants.


Soluble Silicon has been detected inside the cell in the cytosal in chloroplast membranes as well as in association with RNA and DNA.
This information suggests that silicon can have series of intracellular sites of action to explain its stimulating properties in plant resistance.

  • Silicon form an outer cell wall membrane barrier which help to stop infection in the epidermal cell.
  • Silicon induce the plant to synthesize phytoalexins which are antimicrobial compounds response to pathogen attack or non –biological stress factors.
  • Silicon plays different roles in plant performance, from the enhancement of growth, yield and quality.
  • Silicon improves the resistance to metal toxicity by suppressing uptake of heavy metals such as Cd in wheat and maize.
  • Silicon improves salinity and drought stress specially if it is combined with K2O ( like in our compound).
  • Silicon maximizes the performance of the plant resistance to herbivores.


Plant nutrition:

  • Enhances Photosynthesis, pollen fertility, fruit set and cell division.
  • Improves the Quality of the produce (taste, colour, aroma, nutrition dense etc) and increases the yield.
  • Boosts fruit Brix (vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars).
  • Improves the sustainability of post - harvest fruits.

Plant protection:

  • Enhances resistance of plants to frost, drought, heat, and sun burn (abiotic factors).
  • Strengthens the defenses of plants in diseases (powdery mildew, rust etc), insects (whitefly, thrips, aphids etc), and tetranychus - particularly when applied in integrated control programs pest and diseases (IPM).